Sound is the core of all creation
Sound waves carry a code
Which can be represented by numbers

The code is in the harmonics
Which is the ratio between frequencies
Every note vibrates at a specific frequency

Double the frequency and you get the same pitch at a higher octave
Triple the frequency and you get a perfect fifth
Five times the frequency is a major third

Sound creates a double helix
Seen in the polar plasma column
In the spiral of creation
And in our DNA

Every reality is a vibration
A new frequency will create a new timeline
There is a symphony of infinite tonalities

The brain is a construct that decodes vibration
Our senses filter the input we receive

Intention and belief modify emotion
Emotions create tonal vibrations whether audible or not
And make sonic imprints in the plasma ether
Where they form vibrations of geometry or geometric holograms
That give way to materialized structures

Electrons behave like waves until they are observed
Then they pick a position in conformity and harmony with the electrical energy you are putting out

All that we experience is but an infinite dance
Of self perceived streams of awareness
That spawn an illusory world

The physical world is the result of an interplay
Of all of our sentient belief systems

Within the structure of consciousness
Your individual reality will pop up in front of you according to what you project
Karma is out of balance accumulated frequencies

You hold the power of god consciousness
You have the ability to shift to different parallel realities by your frequency
A smile can change the momentum of a timeline

Life here is intended to be played as a beautiful game
The game is not reality
Suffering and death only happens in the game

You hold the power to express in the game the version of reality you want
Project a positive version
That is fun to play!