The bodies of Egyptian pharaohs
Have been recreated through the extraction of their DNA

And with the harvesting of organs
Made ready for dark entity possession

Synthetic flesh is derived from oil that has iron added to it
Which enables the DNA to react

It becomes programmable matter or black goo
Black goo is a black tar like oil
Which helps adhere the synthetic flesh

Some Egyptian coffins are encased in this mysterious black goo
Organs were sealed in jars so that DNA could be extracted

The Illuminati has its origin in Egypt
The end time events are a recreation of Egyptian astral doctrine

In the Pyramid Texts Spell number 366
Mars is the Sothic Horus who was the ancient Sirius

Who then had a reincarnation as Osiris
Whose consort is Isis or Venus
Isis was the receptacle of the Osiris divine seed

As Venus brightened it was referred to as sex magic

Mars who once protected the Father who was Saturn
Proceeded to wage war on Saturn who became Satan

The transformation of Mars was because of the Mysterium Conjunctionis
Or reunion with the Mother Goddess

Horus the deceased king ascended to the Akhet
The Akhet was the twin peaked celestial mountain
Where the sun god Saturn made his daily appearance
He was the head of the August Ones or Imperishable Stars

Mars was the Divine Falcon who journeyed to heaven to claim his rightful throne
In the companion of his brethren the gods

He would take his seat in the solar bark which is Noahs Ark

Ra summoned the Lord of the Underworld into the Zenith
Mars became the star in front of the sky of the Circumpolar Stars

He rises to the mountain where the Sun God brightens
Mars was Horus of the Akhet
He wore a white crown and was the Lion Clad in Splendor

Venus was the Goddess of beauty and love
She burned like a silver flame
The Lady of the southern sycamore

Every precious stone was her covering
And she as anointed with cherubs

The Black Sun was Saturn with 12 radial sig runes
Which were the 12 Apostles

A checkerboard of light and dark was created
Which became a major symbolic tenet of the Illuminati

Signifying good and bad
And later the pleasing of the flesh at any means!