We are a genetically engineered race
Unaware of our true history

And oblivious to the true nature of our reality

The Carrington Event of 1859
Described as an enormous electric storm
Took out much of the old world tech

For instance the Parthenon in Rome
With its round geometrical shaped ceiling
And perfectly hollowed recesses
And exact indentations
Was a sound resonating device

The new quantum computers
Are 5000 cubits
And able to access other realms

They are an interdimensional communication tool
That will program complex behavior using DNA

Proteins enzymes hormones and genes
Will be turned on or off
Silenced or activated

Allowed information
Or not allowed information

Synthetic GMO spores will be hidden in food
Misted in dry goods
And added to liquids
To be bio barcodes

This arbitrary DNA
Will track and trace
Everything that is sold

History is full of deliberately infecting people with poisons
Typhus cholera syphilis

Viruses are created
By arranging the nucleic acids
Thereby arranging the genes
Thereby arranging the proteins

Chemtrails are poisoning us
GMO food is poisoning us

If you put things into your body
Not knowing what they are
You are giving up on life

The vaccines not only have GMO DNA
But synthetic spike proteins

Both will self replicate

Stay away from the vaccinated
They are now carriers of both!