If stars were billions of miles away we would not see them
Light does not travel indefinitely

Planets are not terrestrial spheres
They are 2D lights similar to stars

Stars and planets can be zoomed in with incredible detail because they are close

Polaris and all northern stars
Gradually decline from view in the southern latitudes because of distance
Not because they are blocked out by the errant assumption of a curved earth

Ursa Major which is close to Polaris can be seen 30 degrees south latitude
Vulpecula can be seen at 55 degrees south latitude
Taurus Pieces and Leo can be seen at 65 degrees south latitude
Aquarius and Libra can be seen at 90 degrees south latitude

A supposed curvature of a globe would block all these from view

You can see apparent curvature of the horizon from an airplane window
Because the glass is slightly curved

Round layers have no stress points at edges
And greatly reduce the likelihood of cracks

But if you look out of the cockpit window
The horizon is horizontal for as far as the eye can see

Ships that are apparently below the supposed curvature of the earth
Can be zoomed back into view

If gravity was real and was this unbelievable invisible powerful force
That kept the water of the oceans from spinning off
Then insects and balloons of all sizes should not be able to fly upwards

Hot air balloons can go upward to 120,000 feet
The people in them can see for hundreds of miles
And all that is seen is a flat plane with no curvature

The exhaust pipe of the internal combustion system of the automobile
Spews out deception and corruption

We have been tricked and mislead in a plethora of lies
In the coming age lunacy will not be allowed!