In a plasma configuration during the prior era
The arms of Venus raised up in simultaneous invocation and evocation

Her full figure expressed her lunar form as she summoned a response
Her face and body effulgent with the silvery moon glow
Animated the magnetism of her holiness and aroused reverence

Venus was the caretaker of her life giving garden
Her radiance created the Elysian Fields or the Fortunate Isle
Which were the Islands of the Blessed

Only gods or heroes related to the gods were admitted
The deep swirling ocean of Uranus sent blasts of piercing high pitched sound
To those lives now untouched by sorrow

They reached this green paradise on the Road of Zeus that went to the Tower of Chronos
The way was filled with blazing flowers of gold

The righteous went to the Elysian Fields
A place of perpetual spring and shady groves

In no fixed place do happy souls reside
But on mossy ground near crystal streams do they abide

Streams murmur through glades and then descend
To the path that conducts you to journeys end

As up the mountain with plentiful fruit you go
You see the shining fields of the Mother Goddess below

The past epoch was filled with tremendous wonders and glorifying spectacles
They previous sky was also filled many frightful portents and dreadful phantasmagoria

Both had a powerful impact upon the human psyche
And are now buried in our subconscious

Through symbolic imagery of past ominous celestial events
The powers that be want to influence our minds and create the reality they want

But we possess an intangible power
That transcends the matter which gave them birth

We are called to do great work
During our fleeting moments upon this place

Through our thoughts and ideas we have the potential to inscribe the paradigm we want
Prosperity and happiness are our destiny

We are energized by doing what we love
Everything will flow naturally from our inner vision

The moment we accept our wish as an accomplished fact
And believe we are already in possession of our objective

The subconscious finds the means for its realization!