The mass population is willingly blind to the real events going on

Daily spraying of aluminum and barium ignite fires
The spraying is called geoengineering
And the intense fires are called firenadoes

We are being sprayed mercilessly from above
While everyone is walking around staring at their cell phones

We create an energetic field
That draws experience aligned with our inner feelings

If we take responsibility for our inner soul
We can recreate a paradise on earth

Visualize your desired future
Our inner dialogue reflects the outer reality into concrete experiences

Our thoughts are frequencies that shape our destiny
Beliefs generate circumstances

When you think in accordance with fulfilled aspirations
You breathe life into those aspirations
The art of assuming is bringing vision into reality

You are a conduit of divine expression
And are able to see things into existence

What you desire is what you are meant to experience
Come into a deep connection with love joy and power

We are electrical beings in an electrical universe
Quit chasing your false self

Your prayer will be answered
If you assume the feeling that would be yours
Were you already in possession of your objective

To pray successfully you must yield to your wish as being fulfilled

Consciousness is the one and only reality
Ideas and feelings are acts of consciousness

Feelings are the cause of the action
Which create the circumstances of life

Release repeating interpretations of the past
So that they do not deny what you are trying to manifest

Who you love loves you back
Because they are in tune with your intuition

In the 1700 and 1800s the Tartarian population was eliminated
And then tribal people were targeted
An agenda is being executed by executing people

The Hawaiian word for karma is pilau

Technology is far above what they are revealing
A massive concave reflection surface
Can focus the suns beam into a deadly ray

Be your vision
Create your own desired reality
And turn what you do into gold!