Besides the Delta variant
There is now the fake lambda variant

Lambda is the 11th letter of the Greek alphabet
Signifying the 11th hour

It is written like an inverted V

Lambda is also a carrier molecule of genetic material
Used for cloning
It will activate the nutrient lactose
To produce cloned cells

The Lamb of god or lambda
Is the Anubis guarding the gates of heaven

The gates of heaven was the entrance into the kingdom of Saturn
In the former era

The Anubis was Mars in front of these gates
With plasma discharges

Kanye West is a robotoid
Acting as the gatekeeper of the antichrist
He is the Anubis

Kanye has opened the gates

Cell phones are used to keep robotoids programmed correctly

Under the guise of an event
A ritual will start
For the purpose of immortal existence

An event is supposed to happen in September of 2021
And a string of events in 2022

Maybe a hidden message will be activated
That is stored in your subconscious mind
By using certain frequencies

Messages are easily stored using music

Or a state of mind will be induced
Such as sleep paralysis

In higher realms if you harm someone
There are grave consequences

In this lower realm
You can get away with it

But not for long
Because our vibrational realm is increasing

The higher one is in the pyramid
The lower their vibration

So the system is crumbling

When the unthinkable becomes real
Remember we are all divine sparks from the Source!