In the spring and summer of 1816
A persistent reddish dry fog enveloped the eastern US
Temperatures went below freezing and crops failed

This was just the latest in a series of spectacular events
It was 7 years of tribulation

Earthquakes began in December of 1811
And continued until the spring of 1817
The biggest being the New Madrid earthquake which created fissures in the ground

A comet appeared n 1811 and performed frightening acrobatics
Then another one appeared with a heaven spanning tail

The sun went black on September 17 1811

Volcanoes started going off all over the world
The biggest eruption being Mount Tambora
On the island of Sumbawa in Indonesia in 1815

Wars were instigated
The most famous ones were the War of 1812 between England and America
And the Napoleon invasion of Moscow

In 1812 a tsunami hit the island of California
Which ended the reign of Queen Califia
And California was no longer an island

Electrical phenomenon such as earthquake lights
And the reversed flow of the Mississippi River instilled fright
Animals sensed the electrical conductivity and tried to take refuge in cities

Church bells were constantly ringing

All these events were electromagnetic anomalies
Created by advanced technology
Which has been around since Atlantean times

It was the Great Purge of the Tartarian Empire
A grand civilization that enjoyed free limitless energy

This was when the freezing of the Artic and Antarctica occurred
It was also the breakup of the Saturnian configuration
That provided the world with a uniform tropical and subtropical weather pattern

The new government was based on the monetary system
The Govenor of California gave out free money for the atrocious mass culling of Indians

Fur companies were started that mercilessly shot and trapped animals
Which is still going on

We are now in a time of knowledge suppression
Of a fake history fake astronomy fake geography and phony leaders

The rise of technology is only the allowing of what was already known
To become available to the public

And that is only for connecting us to a synthetic reality
Where we lose our humanity and our ability to feel for others
Which has already occurred to a certain extent

A reality where we will be controlled and exploited for our soul energy
Which is also already happening

If we open our hearts
And if we allow ourselves to see the darkness

We can once again become sovereign beings
That navigates reality with integrity and self empowerment

The gates of heaven will swing open its doors
And the portals of the universe will become assessable

The key is created by your free will
It is what you send out
It is your compassion!