Why would it take God six days to finish his creation?
Why would God need to rest?
Since the light of the sun determines a day and the sun was created on the fourth day how could the first four days be ascertained?
The Hebrew word translated as day is ym.
Original Hebrew does not have vowels.
It wasn’t until the Middle Ages that the Jewish Masoretes rewrote the Old Testament inserting vowels.
If you insert an O, ym becomes yom which means day in Hebrew.
But if you insert an A, ym becomes yam which means sea in Hebrew.
In accordance with the yom – day translation the specific creations such as the stars, moon, animals, trees, plants, herbs and humans were added to account for why it took God seven days to accomplish his creation.
The 7 days were made into a week.
The day of rest or the seventh day is the Sabbath.
The Sabbath is Saturday which means Saturn’s day.
The Hebrew word for Saturn is Shabtai which means seven.
The earliest associations of 7 were not with days.
The creator god and the number 7 in all myth and religion is related to the dividing of His ocean into 7 seas.
Thus the origin of Moses dividing the Red Sea.
Creator gods have their cosmic sea also divided into seven beams of light or rings.
The flare-up of Saturn during creation events organized the ejected plasma into 7 concentric rings.
Osiris the Egyptian Saturn creator god has his oceanic domain divided into seven circles.
In the Atharvaveda the Indic Saturn Varuna is described with 7 loops.
The Hindus believe Brahma gave birth to 7 sages known as Rishis.
Later these 7 rings condensed into 3 main clusters.
This is the origin of the mysterious 3 Wise Men who was said to visit the baby Jesus.
Seven walls, doors, seals, gates, halls and levels are also common.
Saturn’s turbulent atmosphere created the illusion of a cosmic sea or ocean.
Elohim the god of the Old Testament fashioned his creation in the midst of the waters.
His Spirit moved to and fro upon the surface of the waters.
The cosmic ocean was also portioned into 7 heavens.
The Book of the Secrets of Enoch tell of the tortures of the damned in these seven heavens.
This belief gave rise to the idea of Purgatory.
A place of temporary suffering and spiritual cleansing that one needs before they can come before God.
Shamans incorporate the idea of passing through seven heavens in order to reach God.
The seven rings or circles became known as the Wheel in the Sky.
Concentric circles surrounding a central object can be found in petroglyphs around the world.
These rock carvings are depictions of Saturn and it’s rings at a time when it was much nearer and visible to the naked eye.
Although there are many hundreds of rings around Saturn they are still classified into 7 main broad bands and further into three main clusters.
As Saturn whirled around the celestial pole it increased it’s charge.
Then as it equalized it’s potential with the electrical stream that enters our world at the North Pole a starburst resulted.
Saturn became entrenched in the axial current and turned into the stationary god on top of his Holy Mountain.
This new bright star organized the chaos of his surroundings into his heavenly kingdom of 7 circles.
This is the Heavenly Father that millions pray to everyday.