We have crystals in our pineal gland
That react to sound and light vibrations by piezoelectricity

They are a bridge between our sensory experiences
And the enigmatic dimensions of the mind

Their metaphysical properties connects us with the universe
And unlocks the doors of the temporal

The intricate structure of quartz crystal is arranged in a 3 dimensional tetrahedron
The silicon and oxygen atoms form crystalline spiral lattices

Quartz crystal absorbs our energies
Transforming and enhancing them according to our thoughts

Quartz crystal is programmable and will lock etheric algorithms
It will align your chakras and amplify emotions that exist between you and others

The best way to recharge crystals including the ones in your pineal gland is by sunlight
Our body and soul have a symbiotic relationship with the sun

The cosmic serpent was the creator of life and was lead by a quartz crystal
Which was also the pearl of great price

The cosmic serpent was the rainbow serpent of the Aborigines
The serpent of creation was the same as the spiral of creation
Vishnu was depicted as a serpent coiled into a spiral

These were the same as the cosmic dragon of creation
The Aztec Xiuhcoatl was the turquoise serpent of fire and light

The Mayan creator was Kukulkan who was a serpent with feathers
The feathers were radial spikes of plasma discharge

The Huoh Chuh of the Chinese is the fire pearl
It is the object the cosmic dragon chases
In parades it is carried on a pole in front of the writhing dragon

The fire pearl is also the golden gem or serpents egg
It is the luminous seed of the creator

The time of creation transpired at the beginning of the previous era
With lesser intervening episodes intermixed

It was the period when the polar column shot up with new incoming source plasma
The entwining serpent on the Tree of Life
Was an electrical current!