Nuclear bombardment simulations are raising fears
In the minds of the masses
Who have been programmed to accept the onset of war

A Geostorm and a mighty trumpet will activate the conditioning
And an electric magnetic pulse will shut down the grid

There will be a Chinese invasion on the west coast
Of clone soldiers who all look the same

They will be heavily armed
Unlike the civilians who will try to defend themselves

Archon entities have been reconfigured with AI mindsets
And will be unleashed upon the population

The experiment went awry
The infusion of reptilian genes was not adequate in certain races

Too much reptilian DNA produced RH negative blood
The offspring of whom if they survived were sterile

Other less infected humans were needed for blood transplants
To keep these offspring known as bluebloods alive

The elite are all RH negative blood type
And show more of the reptilian traits

All humans embryos will produce tails up to 3 months
But only RH negatives such as President Taft will grow a tail

RH negatives will also have extra vertebrae

Our eyes are shut wide open
We do not know that a dark presence has invaded our minds

We do not know the intelligence behind it all
Or understand its real nature

It stays hidden
And does not want you to know its real purpose

If you cooperate it will dazzle you with power and lust

The reptilian presence parades around in human flesh
Mimicking human emotions so that they will not be found out

The CDC stands for child death cult
You would not listen to them if they took off their masks

You would be appalled if you knew what they had for breakfast
An aborted human fetus with a side dish of maggots

Crickets and maggots have been officially introduced into the school lunch program in Holland

We are being made plastic with synthetic drugs and synthetic foods
We have been turned into carnivores
Unable to feel for whom we are eating
And unwilling to care

We are being quantumly entangled with AI generated shadows

This time of year the energy is strong
Sex and blood rituals are prolific now

But if we become conscious of our divine self
And decide to follow our sacred heart
Then we will win

And our realm will merge and unify with higher sources!