Quartz crystal has amazing vibrational properties
It pulses at an astonishing 786,000 beats per milli second

Quartz crystal holds certain life forming principles
And is almost akin to a living being at the beginning of creation

The essence of existence courses through its molecules
And it holds the secrets of the universe

Its high frequency oscillation
Is the highest vibration on earth

Quartz crystal vibrates rhythmically and responds to changes in its environment
It emits electrical voltage when under mechanical stress
It is a power source waiting to be harnessed for various applications

Quartz crystal will reset your energy level
And will do deep soul cleansing

It will raise your spiritual awareness to the highest possible degree
And will connect your mind to other dimensional realities

A quartz crystal in your hand will double your biomagnetic field
And will clear and rejuvenate your etheric energy

You become more optimistic
And gain the gift of empowerment and confidence

Quartz crystal stores information
And dissolves karmic seeds while attuning you to your spiritual purpose

It has a soothing and curative effect
It will speed healing and ease pain on cuts burns and injuries

Put intention and visualization into your quartz
Visualize a golden luminescence radiating from it

And you will transform all energy around you
Into a positive light!