Leviathan was a crooked serpent or snake with a shining luster
He was the great sea monster or dragon that radiated brilliant light

Job 41:19-21 says
Out of his mouth goes burning lamps
Sparks of fire leap out

Out of his nostrils goes smoke
His breath kindles coals
And a flame goes out of his mouth

Job 41:32 says
He maketh a path to shine after him
This was a resplendent trail of luminous charged particles

The Hebrew word Behema means chaos
It was the formless matter that existed prior to creation

The Behemoth is what Elohim turned this chaos into
It is the habitation of the Leviathan in the vicinity of paradise

It is the 7 seas or cosmic ocean
it is the Tehom of Genesis which is translated as the Deep

This was the primordial waters in which the Rauch of Elohim was hovering closely upon
Rauch is wind or spirit and Elohim is Saturn

The 7 seas were the 7 rings of Saturn
The outer ring was the Ouroboros which was the Leviathan

The Egyptian Apep was the serpent devil and arch enemy of Ra or Saturn
The Assyrian Tiamat was the dragon who waged war against the creator

The Hindu Ananta was a coiled serpent floating on the cosmic sea
Known as the Serpent of Eternity

The Chinese Huang-Ti is the dragon chasing the infinity pearl
Isaiah 27:1 says that Levithan was the dragon in the sea

The cosmic sea was energetic plasma
At times of higher charge it formed a labyrinth
The creator father Humbaba in the Epic of Gilgamesh means winding labyrinth

The serpentine Talos face was also interpreted as intestines

The big question is what was this object the dragon was chasing
Could it be an artificial satellite that was transforming the output of Saturn
To distort our reality

Could it be the continuing of the alien presence
Fresh from its defeat of our advanced ancestors

Who were terraforming our world
In order to make humans produce negative energy which they can feed upon
In their attempt to take over our realm of existence

Which we could simply get rid of by being positive
By being happy loving and full of laughter!