Every living being is an engine
Geared to the wheel of the universe

The universe will mimic each individual frequency pattern
And put it into the collective

You are constantly projecting
You are feeding into the stories presented to you

If you want to find God look in the mirror
Go inside yourself and think of a better reality

You produce a hologram by transmitting light and sound waves
Then you feed the field with your holographic imprint

You produce these waves with your heart and mind
Vibrational patterns from the heart are much stronger
Emotions are energy in motion

What you think creates emotions which then becomes a frequency
The frequency has a magnetic field which goes into the fabric of the universe

We get back the frequency we vibrate
Whatever you think of impacts your reality

What consciousness level your brain is working at determines your hologram
What you see you project

When negativity is your master
You will vibrate at that frequency
And draw into your life negative events

When you treat other beings in a loving manner
That will also come back to you
You cannot love animals and eat them at the same time

Your vibration is your electrical charge
Your heart is your conscience
The brain does not work in higher frequencies

Compassion is your ticket to a higher vibration!