Saturnalia was celebrated
December 17-23
It was when Saturn flared up
After an age of Darkness

Dies Natalis Solis Invictus
Birth of the Unconquered Sun

The birth of Saturn
And the birth of Mars on December 25
Were combined

The Star on top of the Christmas tree
Is Saturn

The Christmas Tree is
The Axis Mundi or Tree of Life
That branched out as it neared Saturn

It is the electrical current
That today forms the Northern Lights

Ornaments put on the tree
Symbolized the plasmoids embedded there

The swaths that were wrapped around and up the tree
Symbolized the Snake in the Tree
Which was a secondary flow of electrical charge

Yule tide means
Rebirth of the Sun

The burning of the Yule Log
Symbolized the intense bright character
Of the Axis Mundi

Santa Claus
Also known as Sinter Klaus or Kris Kringle
Is Saturn
The beard is the Axis Mundi
The reindeer are Horned gods
Or luminaries close to Saturn

Boughs of Holly
And Mistletoe
Represent the torus around the electric field
The Wheel of Saturn

The Druids decorated an oak tree
With mistletoe and Holly berries

The reason for the season
Is the Son entering the Sea

Which was Mars the Son
Entering the atmosphere or Sea of Saturn