Uranus and Gaia had 12 children known as Titans
3 were violent Furies
3 were beautiful gentle Nymphs
3 were Fates who were weavers of destinies
And 3 were Cyclops imprisoned in Tartarus

9 of the Titans consisting of the Furies Nymphs and Fates together with their many offspring and allies
Battled Rhea Prometheus and Epimetheus and 6 children of Chronos
Along with the Cyclops and the Hecatoncheires called Thunder Lightning and Bright

The Titans prevailed but later Chronos was tricked by Athena
Into swallowing a large rock called the Omphalos stone

As depicted in the Iliad
Apollo was the main god in the Trojan War

Down he strode wrath at heart
Bearing on his shoulders his bow and covered quiver

As the angry god moved the arrows rattled on the shoulders
And his coming was like the night

He set apart from the ship and let fly a shaft
Terrible was the twang of his silver bow

In the Delian Hymns to Apollo
The gods tremble before him when he draws near
As he bends his bright bow

Apollo goes to the strange floating island of Delos and boards a large ship
And after transforming back into his natural form
He beaches the ship at the lovely sheltered side of Mt Parnassus
Near the sacred spring of Gaia
Which was a steam of clear water that plunged over the 2 towering cliffs called the Phaedriades

This was the place of the Hyperboreans
Who dwelt beyond the North Wind

The place where the ship was beached was Cirrha
Which became the port that served Delphi
Cirrha was named after a nymph also known as Nemesis

Apollo slew the python Pythos and built a glorious temple
The temple was the House of God with 12 foundations

Which were also the 12 Titans and the 12 Apostles of Krishna and the 12 tribes of Israel
And formed the basis of the 12 zodiac signs and the 12 months of the year

They were the 12 light orbs in the Tree of Life
And the 12 angels of the Metatron

They were the 12 Lemurian golden sun discs
That received energy from the central Saturnian sun

They were the 12 crystals of the Kabballah
In the diamond light matrix with perfectly faceted crystalline blocks

And the 12 crystal skulls hidden in a pyramid that when united together
Will super empower the earth

The Omphalos Stone at the center of the Celestial Temple made 13 colonies
It was Jesus with his 12 disciples

The Omphalos Stone was the centerpiece of a master grid of rotating electromagnetic energy
That made up a Diocron Instability of spiraling highly energetic electrons discharging in a magnetic field

Chronos was an alter ego of Saturn
When Venus was stationed in front of Saturn she became the womb
Which became the cone shaped dwelling of Apollo

Delphi means womb
Just as the Greek Temple of Apollo at Delphi contained a terrestrial Omphalos Stone
The celestial temple of Apollo contained a cosmic Omphalos Stone

The Omphalos Stone was Mars in the womb of Venus!