The Adiyoga Shiva is a 112 foot statue
At the foothills of the Vellingiri Mountains in India
It is now a religious shrine

The Adiyoga Shiva was made by our advanced ancestors
It has a crescent moon above it

The inspiration for this creation was Venus in the previous era
The crescent was an apparition of light
And does not have anything to do with the present moon

Luna is the goddess Venus with the former crescent moon

Archaic pictures of Jesus on the cross
Has Sol on one side and the crescent moon on the other

Sol was Saturn and the present sun like todays moon was not in ancient astro mythology
The eclipse that occurred in the gospels at the time of the crucifixion
Was the blocking out of Saturn our former sun

The crucifixion was Mars on the Crossroads of Zeus or celestial cross
The crown of thorns of Jesus was the emanations of Venus behind Mars
Both Mars and Venus were in front of Saturn

Veronica wiping the face of Jesus was the appearance of a lesser orb near Mars
Simon helping Jesus carry the cross is another celestial orb attracted to the charge current

Jesus falling 3 times carrying his cross is the influence of Mars upon the Crossroads of Zeus
Jesus being nailed to the cross and his expiring
Is the diminution of Mars in front of the highly discharging Venus

The cave of the sepulcher is the womb of Venus
Where Mars was rejuvenated or born again
When Mars left brightened and renewed it was Jesus arising from the grave

When plasma filled the north celestial pole
It drifted to the 12 nodal points of the Merkabah
Which were the 12 apostles

This was the disciples of Jesus in Acts 11:4
Being filled with the Holy Ghost

Mars and Venus would magnetically drift down the universal axis
This was Jesus coming to save the world

When they would drift back up
Jesus would meet his blessed Mother

Because Mary was being taken back up into heaven
Therefore do the angels rejoice!