In Job 40 and 41 the sea creature Leviathan is mentioned
People think this is evidence of dinosaurs

Job 26:13 says Who can slay the dragon in the sea
That lives in the depths

Levithan is also described as the crooked serpent that encircles the world
Who forms a ring around the celestial ocean by gripping his tail in his mouth

This is the same as the Ouroboros and the Norse Jormungand
Also the Egyptian Apep who was the enemy of Ra

O Apep thou foe of Ra get thee back
Ra shall triumph over thee
And your tail shall be placed in your mouth

The Dogon of Mali believe a serpent encircles the world
And that his tail is in his mouth

There was a war between Baal and Leviathan
In the watery foam amid the forces of chaos

Apep was born of Nun in the waters of the 7 wise ones

Nanshan or Nansha is the daughter of Enki
Presided over the building of the 7 walled celestial temple

Ishtar harnessed 7 lions
Hathor had 7 celestial cows
Isis had 7 life forms
Venus exhibited 7 rays

The Sons of Anu known as the Anunnaki
Were described as rebel gods 7 in number
When merged with Nergal they became 8 brothers

Nergal was Mars and is the great dragon slayer in countless myth and tradition

The Sons of Anu were the 7 lions of Ishtar
That were embedded in the 7 rays of Venus
Which was also the 7 walled celestial temple

The Molech Temple or Topheth has 7 compartments
Which housed the Septad which means the 7

The serpent Ophim floated on the surface of the waters and hatched 7 eggs
Ophim or Opheim is the Leviathan
And the 7 eggs are the 7 rebel sons of Anu or Anunnaki

Nanshan the daughter of Enki who built the 7 walled celestial temple
Was Queen of the Anunnaki

Nanshan was Venus
She was the Creatrix who fashioned the Cosmogonic Sea

Praise be to Ra Lord of the 7 hidden circles

Ra is Saturn

And the most outer circle
The serpent with the tail in his mouth
Is Leviathan!