Fish oil is now a billion dollar business
And is promoted as healthy for the heart

But fish is low in antioxidants and phytonutrients

And is high in cholesterol and saturated fats
Which creates inflammation and oxidative stress

Eating fish and any meat results in a decrease of telomeres
Which is linked to cellular aging and a shortened life span

Because our oceans now are a vast dumping ground
There is a high level of arsenic in all seafood

The ingestion of arsenic as well as other heavy metals
Results in cognitive impairment

So fish which is touted as a brain food
Is actually the opposite

Because of depleted oceans much of the fish sold is from fish farms
Where dioxins accumulate in the tissues

Dioxins are from sewer sludge used as an anti caking agent
In fish food as well as food in factory farms

Ocean caught fish are also high in microplastics

Fish oil easily becomes rancid sitting on store shelves
This results in a high intake of unfriendly bacteria

People have switched to fish because of the horrors of the factory farm industry

People believe fish are unthinking unfeeling creatures
And catching them is a fun process that bolsters ones ego

Dolphins and whales are not the only intelligent fish
But it is shown that small fish are very perceptive of their surroundings

They also have a highly developed nervous system
And when a fish is dragged out of the water by a hook
They feel even more acutely what we would feel if we were experiencing the same thing

When they are out of the water they suffocate
And feel what we would feel if we did not have air to breathe

Fish in the wild can even be affectionate when trust is established
And will come and greet a person or a dog

We have been conditioned to treat the lives of animals as inconsequential
And that they are here for us to consume

But the way to health and a higher consciousness is through the heart
Having a compassionate heart is what makes us human!