A caduceus is a wand or a pole
An upright staff that has intertwined serpents

Topped with a ball with sprouting wings
That are sometimes engraved within a circle

The serpents are coiled around the Tree of Life
Or the Tree of Knowledge

In Exodus Aarons staff magically transformed into a living snake

The Tree of Life has golden apples

The 7 daughters of Atlas
The Hesperides
Dance around the Tree of Life

These are the 7 celestial angels or 7 stars
That revolve around the navel of heaven

The golden apples are tended to by the Hesperides
And are guarded by the serpent Addon

Atlas fears that Perseus will steal the golden apples from his garden

Genesis has Eve stealing an apple from the Tree of Life
Being beguiled by a serpent

A heroic golden feathered bird perches upon the central pillar
The Native American feathered headdress echoes this

In Persian myth at the fixed center of the world
Is a giant miraculous tree
Around which is the Edenic garden of Aura Mazda

A land of nectar and oil
Which is the Biblical milk and honey
The ambrosia or food of the gods

Ormus the Lord of Light lies at the summit
Which is same as the Talmudic Pillar of El
Or the Canaanite Mountain of El
El is singular form of Elohim who is Saturn

The oceanic celestial waters surround the abode of the Most High
Which are usually divided into 4 lakes or 4 rivers

The goddess Ishtar who is Venus is addressed
Queen of the Mountain
And queen of the land of 4 rivers

These 4 lakes confirm mystic powers
On the celestial beings who bathe in them

They also provide health and vitality
To all who drink of them

This is the origin of Holy Water

The waters are divided by a cross
In which the Mars god shed his blood

Whether it be blood or water
Milk and honey
Or celestial rays that divide the heavens

They are all plasma discharges
As the result of a congregation of celestial orbs
In the former north celestial sky!