Venus or Inanna is described in ancient Sumerian texts

I shall greet her who descends from above
I shall greet the Great Lady of Heaven
I shall greet the Holy Torch who fills the heavens

And rejoice in the coming of the shining light of Inanna

Venus was one of the Anu gods or Anunnaki

I shall greet the Mistress
The Most Resplendent Lady among the Anuna gods

The Resplendent One who fill heaven and earth with her brilliance
Her descending is that of a warrior

This Sumerian hymn is impossible to reconcile with the Venus of today
The Queen of Heaven has now a modest luster

Venus had an alter ego of a raging dragon
Who deposited venom upon the land

She was alternatively conceptualized as the Witch Star
Who banded with the encircling red serpent
That was believed to protect her

Venus held the circle or rope of heaven in a magical bond
And was seen as the caster of spells

The Illuminati wear red bracelets as a symbol of protection

The beloved Daughter of the Flame
The Rose of the Heavens
The Guardian of Celestial Animations
The Divine Princess Aurora

Will bless us in her starlight
And will activate timeless information within us!