Avalon was the celestial land of plasma apples
And emitted a sacred mathematical sound tone that connected to the City of Gold

The City of Gold was the Emerald Cathedral which was the entrance to the Tree of Life
Whose branches span the cosmos and whose roots are grounded in the Hill of Tara

The Emerald Tree of Life formed from 3 vertical pillars
Toroidal plasma rings extended outward

The pillars were streams of plasma that arced together at the Rainbow Bridge or Arc of the Covenant
At the terminals was a luminous discharge that burst into radiant light

The Hill of Tara is the Aurora Borealis that starbursted into the Eternal Flame
And punctured the firmament that shrouds the Living Eternal Consciousness

The King of Tara was Saturn who was the link between the earth plane and the otherworldly realms
He assured the current of the Crystal River that flowed through his land

Edenic Venus was the magical emerald jewel
She was the Sacred Crystal Heart that gave birth to the Christ
The Edenic blueprint of the Cosmic Mother held the beauty and purity of God

There is a clarion call for the Hill of Tara to ignite once again
And fulfill its sacred purpose for our realm

The aurora colors are paradisical codes of pre fall earth
Whose sacred musical tones attracts the Holy Mother Sophia with her special gifts

As she reconnects there is an explosion of Emerald Triqueta flower formations
Whose clovers are dappled with gold

They open up into 4 leaf clovers that anchor the diamond sun template
Which will cast off lunar shadows and roll up the artificial timelines

As the Sacred Breath of the plasma column is breathed back into the heavenly realms
The Crystal Heart which is Venus and her Edenic coding will once again shine in the heavens

As her etheric crystal consciousness imbeds into us specific frequencies
Her geomantic streams of intelligence will merge with us

We will become of the same lineage
And the substance of our thoughts and content of our emotions
Will reflect this outflowing energy stream!