The griffin was a symbol of Grand Tartaria

It had the head of an eagle
The body of a lion
And the tail of a scorpion

The 4 domains of god are ruled by
A lion a bull an eagle and a human

The 4 creatures of Ezekial are
A human a lion an ox and an eagle

The Lamassu of Assyria
Had the head of a human
The body of a lion
And the wings of an eagle

The Sphinx had the face of a woman
The body of a lion
The wings of an eagle
And the tail of a scorpion

The Urbano Monte map of 1587
Is a 10 x 10 ft masterpiece

It shows our world as a level plane extending outward
It portrays Antartica in meticulous detail as ice free and surrounding us

It also depicts the Artic as ice free and full of life
Griffins are drawn in showing that this is the land of Tartaria

The capital city is called Bargo
Located on a port land in the Sea of Tartaria
Outsiders are forbidden from entering

The inland area around Bargo is described as haunted
Spirits whisper to people to make them lost
And use charm to cause them to wonder around aimlessly

They will bewitch all who enter and cast spells on them
Which will trick them into going in the wrong direction
And lead them to dangerous places

There is a land of pygmies who are 4 palms tall
These are the Munchkins in the Wizard of Oz

Storks carry them
That is why a new born baby is said to be brought in by a stork

The map shows the Mountain of Destiny
Which is the central polar axis
When it goes off everyone flees

Griffins centaurs chimeras and unicorns
As well as the Sphinx the Lamassu and the creatures of Ezekial are mythical beings
They were celestial orbs around the Throne of the Most High God in the former age
Saturn was the Exalted One

The electrical discharges of these spheres produced their appearance
And their sound waves created the Music of the Spheres

Also pictured on the map of Urbano Monte were Manticores
They had the face of a beautiful woman
A body of a lion
And a tail of a scorpion

Tartaria was a worldwide empire
That used as their symbol the celestial apparitions which surrounded the domain of God

It was a benevolent society that promoted life
But has now been erased from history!