Nergal or Mars was also an Anunnaki god

O Nergal warrior of the gods
Who possesses the lofty strength of Anu
Who takes his place nobly in the highest heavens

Marauding Lion whose features ever glow
Ever shining strongest of the gods
Divine Splendor sublime in heaven

Mars was Horus of the Akhet
The Akhet was the celestial mountain

May Horus ascend to the Akhet
And enter his mansion

Mars was the guiding light during the primeval age of darkness
Mars was Moses guiding his people to a new homeland

Mars had a fiery weapon
The stick fire of Prometheus
The club of Perkunas
The sword of Damocles
The thunderbolt of Indra
The hammer of Thor

In 11 Kings 17:30
Nergal is translated as an Angel of the Lord

And in Joshua 5:17
He is captain of the Lords army

The sustained plasma discharge of Mars
Was the blade that hung over Jerusalem

He was the unerring marksman that became David

The DeSana Indians of Columbia describe Mars
As a fertilizing force that impregnates the middle heavens
With a crystal semen

When Mars was in the presence of the Mother Goddess
He was the Christ Child in the womb
The Mysterium Conjunctionis

Who also was sacrificed in the Holy Flame and was rejuvenated
Heracles acquired his glory from Hera

He was Enlil the god of the Flood
Enlil watched over humanity and cared for their well being
Then sought to destroy them because of their iniquity

The celestial plasma flood poured in from all 7 rings of Saturn

His son Ninurta pursued Anzi the dragon
Who stole the Tablet of Destiny

As King of the Great Mountain
Mars had a horned cap

He led the Anunnaki gods in revolt
But was defeated

Mars was the inspiration for
Noah Moses and David

And as Jesus was posthumously rewritten
He took on the characteristics of Mars
The Son of Saturn

The Son of God!