In the center of the world
At the north polar axis

There is the cosmic mountain
Which is now a dark light of wonderous height

It is a strong magnetic wind operating on fixed principles
4 times a day or every 6 hours it produces a strong ebb tide
And pulls everything in

Alternately 4 times a day it will produce a flood tide
And push everything out

This is the cause for the ocean tides
And explains why inland seas lakes and rivers do not have tides
The moon is not the cause of tides

As the axis enters the ocean it produces a massive whirlpool
Ships caught in the ebb flow drown in frightful rapidity
But sometimes are cast out in the same swiftness that pulled them in

The maelstrom produced by the lodestone mountain
Goes down into a deep abyss

Whose depths contain fissures
Where sulfurous flames emit noxious fumes

This creates a dark mist
Around the mysterious fountainhead of the abysmal chasm

The ferocious impetuosity of the North Wind
Is the Holy Spirit of Elohim in Genesis
Elohim is translated as Lord but means Saturn

It is the breath of the Creator
It is the Hebrew word Rauch which is translated as spirit but also means wind

It is a fierce and violent wind
It is a charged current that flows through our universe

It is the Greek god Boreas
Where we get the name Aurora Borealis

It is the fiery leg of Osiris
And the Phallus of Ra

It is the Milky Way or the Way of former times
The Holy Ghost

I am Elohim
My sky pillar rises up over the world

I am Adonai
My whirling ray reaches to the highest heaven!