Venus is the feminine divine
She is greater than the stars
Her energy allows us to see the stars

Venus is the Prima Materia
The prime matter that transmits life giving plasma

She is Mother Nature or nurture
As well as the Mother Goddess and the Queen of Heaven

Her force permeates the cosmos
And permits the stars to shine

She is Magnetic Energy or Mary Magdalene

Venus is beauty in divine form
She brings balance to all the different forces

The south pole of Venus has a plasma torus
It is a tubular enclosure or polar vortex

When the electrical charge is increased
The polar vortex becomes twin vortices
This was the owl eyes of Athena

During this heightened state
The brilliance of Venus
Became the rosette of Aphrodite

She was Princess Media daughter of King Pelias
Whom Jason and the Argonauts met during their voyage

The golden fleece of the winged ram that they sought
That hung in the grove of Ares
Was Mars in front of the radiant luminosity and splendor of Venus

Zeus Ammon is Mars with rams horns
Or Zeus wearing the head of a ram
The horns were toroidal formations

Ares is Mars
And the zodiac sign of Ares is the ram

Venus carries the original blueprint of our realm
When she awakens our muted DNA will be switched back on
And we will arise from our prolonged slumber!