Why has not erosion and weathering over hundreds of millions of years
Destroyed all the dinosaur fossils

I’ll tell you why
Because its all bogus

It is a pseudo reality controlled by the establishment
Who utilizes the Babylonian magic money system
Which causes people who need money and want an abundance of
To do anything that the controllers want

In this case to teach evolution dinosaurs
And an imagined multi million year timeline

Why was it that Jesuit Freemasons who have a bad reputation of not telling the truth
Suddenly discover dinosaur bones in the mid 1800s
When no one throughout all of history before them had discovered any

Why does not anyone ever find any dinosaur bones other than paleontologists or anthropologists
Who know exactly right where to look
Why do not dinosaur bones ever turn up in construction projects

All of a sudden dinosaur bones started turning up everywhere
And now we have over 500 species of dinosaurs

The dinosaur displays in museums are all fabrications
These innovative constructions are top heavy
And a being would not be able to stand or even move in many cases

The real bones we are told are under lock and key in the basement

Real archeology will show the melted remains of advanced technology
It will show the stains and compression of heat

Dolmens are a good example
They were edifices usually built on ley lines
That utilized the energy for invigoration and healing

After being hit with high energy weaponry
They look weathered and crudely built

Many other highly sophisticated structures such as pyramids
Are left hidden in plain sight
Under the idea that they are burial places built by primitive people

Red bricks copper domes star forts and piezo electric towers
All networked electrical current
Cathedrals were cathode houses that created energy

The truth requires change
Open your mind and your heart

Only we can free ourselves
From the mental black magic slavery!