When planets which are charged bodies are in close proximity to each other they will exchange charge via their magnetospheres.
Ares (Mars) in the heat of battle was wounded and roared with a shout of a thousand warriors. And he rushed to Zeus to display his deep gash.
Other gods of the planet Mars such as Heracles, Indra and Scarface all suffered a deep wound or scar in their midsection or belly. Odin the Norse Mars is the same as the Germanic Woden from whom we get the name of Wednesday and he was pierced by a spear in his front side while on a celestial tree.
So was Jesus when he was on the cross. This is because he was patterned after the Son of god who was Mars. He was given Mars’ characteristics and became credited with being a god himself.
The planet Mars has a big scar. It was visible to the ancients. It is a canyon 0ver 2500 miles long situated across it’s equator called the Valles Marineris. It is a Lichtenberg Figure which is a formation caused from a branching electrical discharge. It is the gash in all the myths of Mars and the source of the spearing of Jesus on the cross.
The Cross was originally a celestial plasma formation and the same thing as the mythical tree but at a different charge influx.
The Grand Canyon is a smaller replica of the Valles Marineris. The Hualapai tribe who live in the Canyon relate how their hero God Packithaawi (Mars) smote the ground with a club and knife creating the Grand Canyon. The Ute tribe tells how Tavwoats (Mars) rolled a raging stream into the newly created gorge. The Hopi tell of the formation of the Grand Canyon by their Mars God Tiyo.
These and other myths of local tribes correlate the appearance of the Grand Canyon with the great flood.
The Colorado River flows through the Grand Canyon for 277 miles. Since science is a religion it is taught as gospel that the Colorado River carved out the canyon over the course of 2 billion years when the truth is it appeared literally in a flash from a cosmic thunderbolt only a little over a thousand years ago just like the Valles Marineris.
The Canyon cuts through a high plateau but the river could not have carved it out because water does not flow uphill. Water goes around mountains and plateaus. Water does not cut through solid granite bedrock or lava or any other hard rocks such as shale and schist.
The secondary furrows of the canyon are steep, perpendicular and rounded which is not compatible to being carved out by water. There is also no outflow of debris at the mouth of the river and that is because the material was lifted up by the plasma discharge and deposited far away.
In 1540 when Vasquez de Coronado searched in the American Southwest for a city of gold he encountered several tribes of giants in the lower region of the Grand Canyon. In 1520 Ferdinand Magellan documented the giants of Patagonia in South America. Tierra de Patagones means Land of the Giants.
For the next 250 years Spanish, Dutch and English explorers reported the sightings of giants. Sir Francis Drake in his circumnavigation around the world recorded finding giants just north of San Francisco in 1579. That is why the baseball team in San Francisco is called the Giants.
There were also tribes of giants in Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, along the Mississippi River and in Texas.
Other tribes especially in the American Southeast had chiefs who were giants. The Inca kings were giants.
After the Mexican American War of 1842 the United States annexed the whole Southwest which included Arizona and the Grand Canyon. In 1857 President Buchanan sent Edward Beale to this region for the purpose of building a wagon road. This road later became part of Route 66. He took camels imported from Tunis and explored the South Rim of the Grand Canyon.
In the same year Mormon leader Brigham Young sent Jacob Hamlin there to look for areas of possible settlements and to befriend the native people. He was an invaluable diplomat to the natives but was implicated in the Mountain Meadows Massacre of 120 immigrants from Arkansas as well as killing and stealing from non Mormon travelers.
Following the Civil War President Grant commissioned John Wesley Powell who had an arm shot off during a charge in the Battle of Shiloh in 1861 to investigate the unchartered canyons of the American Southwest. The first expedition in 1869 ended in a fiasco with boats overturning in the Colorado River resulting in a loss of supplies and a shortage of food. But another trip in 1871 proved more successful and in his journal Powell describes a great number of caves in the Grand Canyon with pre-Indian architecture.
In 1875 Seth Tanner another Mormon explorer and friend to the Indians set up a trading post in the Navajo region of the Grand Canyon and took two Hopi Indian wives. He started prospecting and found caves in the Marble Canyon region at the confluence of the Colorado River Gorge and the Little Colorado River. When word reached the Hopis about this they blinded him because these caves were sacred to them and they did not want white men plundering the artifacts.
At the turn of the century G.E. Kinkaid under the direction of the Smithsonian Institute set out to investigate these caves. In 1909 two separate articles appeared in the Phoenix Gazette describing Kinkaid’s findings. The second article told of a cave entrance above the Colorado river in a very steep incline: About 100 feet from the entrance is a cross hall with a giant idol resembling a Buddha sitting cross legged with lotus flowers in each hand. There are hundreds of rooms connected by perfectly straight passageways some over 800 feet long with oval shaped doors and ventilation. They were created with an unspecified very hard cement and with a gray metal resembling platinum. In one very big room the walls are slanted and there are tiers of giant mummies each occupying a separate hewn shelf. Each shelf has bronze and gold vases and swords.
The area soon was teeming with Smithsonian archeologists. The Hopis fears were merited as many gold and bronze statues, tablets with undeciphered writing, urns and even mummies were shipped off to Washington DC. Some of these statues and urns are even displayed at the Smithsonian Museum but are falsely asserted to be Egyptian in origin that somehow wound up in the Grand Canyon. This is why many of the natural formations in that area have Egyptian names such as the Tower of Ra, Set Pyramid and Zoroaster Temple. The region is now a forbidden zone even to park employees.
This subterranean complex is not unique. In 1885 in Randolph County, Missouri near the town of Moberly a coal mine shaft broke into a cavern revealing another underground city with lava arches and stone cut passageways. The New York Times reported on it telling of a still working bronze fountain with water pouring into it’s base and the remains of a giant three times the height of a normal human beside it.
There are over 5000 accounts in newspaper archives across the USA about the finding of giant skeletons. The typical report is that they are between 7 and 12 feet tall with double rows of teeth, having a very thick skull with a flattened forehead and large enough to fit over a normal mans head.
In the early 1900’s giant skeletons were being unearthed on the Channel Islands off the coast of California. Over 3000 skeletons were found on Santa Catalina Island alone and were displayed and even sold in a museum there in the tourist town of Avalon.
IN 1931 construction began on the Hoover damn south of the Grand Canyon on the Colorado River. It was finished in 1936 creating Lake Mead which is 112 miles long and has 550 miles of shoreline making it twice the size of the state of Rhode Island.
302 miles upstream and north of the Grand Canyon construction began in 1956 on the Glen Canyon damn which created Lake Powell in 1963. It wiped out 186 miles of scenic marvels. Steep corridors with carved walls, royal arches, alcove gulches, mounds, monuments, grottos and glens were all submerged. The amazing music temple described by John Wesley Powell is now underwater. Hundreds of mammals, birds and rare plants lost their home.
The Hoover Damn was built on granite while the Glen Canyon Damn was built on porous sandstone which is an unstable foundation. One day it will give way and a 500 foot nightmare flood will inundate human habitations downriver as well as the archeological sites at the Grand Canyon.
In 1965 construction workers in Derinkuyu, Turkey found a underground city with 8 levels and it is now a popular tourist attraction. Underground cities are not only in Turkey but in Spain and Italy and up north in Wieliczka, Poland. There are vast networks of underground tunnels all over Europe which pre-date modern cities.
There is an underground city in Coober Pedy, Australia and one in Cu Chi, Vietnam. Ancient underground complexes are in Asia, India, Egypt, Malta, Crete, Africa, North, South and Central America. In fact all over the world.
Underground labyrinths such as the Crystal Caves in Naica, Mexico with crystals up to 39 feet long and weighing approximately 55 tons and the Mammoth Caves in Kentucky are still only partially explored. In Crete, Syria and Jordon there are an endless underground network of corridors with megalithic columns.
Tunnel complexes are also associated with pyramids. In Central China near the Gobi Desert, the Xian Pyramid which is remarkably similar to the pyramid in Tiahuanaco, Mexico has a vast underground complex of buildings and structures. At the Giza Plateau in Egypt the Great Pyramid has many levels of incredible tunnels carved in the limestone. The Serapeum and Hawara Labyrinth are remarkable subsurface structures with many levels but access to them is very restricted. In fact most of these underground areas are sealed off and entrance is denied just like the ones in the Grand Canyon.
In Antarctica there seems to be a discovery which is causing a huge cover-up. No one is allowed to set foot in Antarctica and no one is allowed to fly over Antarctica unless they receive permission from Military Intelligence. Google maps of Antarctica are whitewashed and blurred. Rumors abound as to what exactly is going on. A huge military build-up there has transpired with at least nine military bases being established. Heads of state, high ranking officials and influential people are rushing down there to take a look themselves.
Has an entrance been found which leads to an underground civilization? One that is highly advanced?
Was Jules Verne story of a passageway to the center of the Earth in Iceland based on facts?
Is the Hollow earth Theory at least partially true?
Was Admiral Bird who was Americas first explorer of the North Pole and Antarctica trying to convey this when he said the next war will be fought in Antarctica?
Did they find a resonating pyramid in Antarctica?
Was not the Giza pyramid built as a coupled oscillator drawing energy, generating current and conducting electricity in its’ interior of chambers, corridors and shafts. It is 481 feet high with 2.3 million blocks of perfectly cut, polished and placed stones each weighing 2.5 tons. It was originally topped with a gold capstone and encased in white polished limestone. Inside is the Grand Gallery which has 27 banks of slots for converting energy into sound. In the King’s Chamber there are huge blocks of granite weighing up to 70 tons and the whole chamber vibrates at an F Sharp acting as a Helmholtz resonator.
In times past it shone like a jewel, reverberated in a humming pulsation and sent out beams of energy.
The Great Pyramid is not in operational mode due to a cataclysm and plundering. The capstone is gone. The limestone encasing has only a small portion remaining. And in the Kings Chamber, the red granite box formerly containing what has subsequently been called the Ark of the Covenant is empty.
There are scorch marks, cracks, vitrification and shifting of walls. The blackened stone is evidence of a power overload from a surge of energy.
But unlike Antarctica or the tunnel system in the Grand Canyon you can travel to Egypt and see the pyramid.
You can also go inside sit in the dark, hum and meditate.
While you feel the low vibrational tone.
And the amazing resonance!