Alleluia is Latin
Hallelujah is Hebrew

Both mean praise for the Coming One
The Bright Morning Star that took his seat upon the Throne of Heaven
As yonder broke a new and glorious morn in the night divine

In the former era incoming plasma in the form of flames of fire in the north celestial column
That was referred to as the Holy Spirit
Created a magnetic attraction and caused the planets to form the Assembly of God

The Hebrew word for Spirit is Rauch and also means wind
It was the rushing wind that art so strong

Saturn was the Father God
The burning sun with golden beams

Mars was the Coming One and Son of Saturn
The gathered planets and orbs celebrated the coming of Mars with the music of the spheres
The trumpets of the celestial orbs resounded in glorious light

As the reddish Mars now infiltrated with charged plasma took on a whitish glow
It was the Splendor of the Lamb
When he appeared the soul felt its worth

In the glow of the plasma the earth was filled with redness
And a thick cloud of hot vapor

As the celestial bodies were attracted to the glory of Mars
They created the Temple of God or House in the Sky

When the charge of Mars lessened
According to the Hopi he took off his mask and became the Blue Kachina
This is also Krishna who dressed in blue came down to earth

A strange flow of fire and a hot shower of hailstones
Accompanied the epiphany

The plasma interacted with humans causing them to speak in tongues
They reacted in many strange ways
As their dormant DNA flickered on and off

Many because of charge differential were pulled into the air
And other people thought God was taking them home

Others who could not hold the charge succumbed
While those who could carry the charge experienced instantaneous healing
Along with gifts of the Spirit

We pull the strings of the apocalypse
We are the computer program
In the game of life!