Portals are openings in the cosmic plasma water
That makes up the firmament

The firmament consists of layers of electrical charge
And is close to our earth plane

We are in the third dimension
Reptilians are from the fourth dimension
The control the portals between the 3rd and 4th dimensions

They cannot reach the higher dimensions
Because they have no light energy inside of them

Light energy is your soul
That reaches out and embraces other living beings

The 6th dimensional portal is indigo in color
It has a blue ray frequency code

Higher dimensional beings can enter our realm through this portal
Arcturians from the 7th dimension utilize this portal

Reptilians are trying to assimilate our realm with theirs
To mold our consciousness with theirs

They understand how the ethereal templates construct our reality
And how our minds affect the blueprints of the templates
That is why they want us to live in fear

They assume human form in synthetic bodies
Famous people are pretending they are not from another realm
They wear a human suit that makes them acceptable to us

Humans who work with them in exchange for temporary gain
Are called black hearts

The reptilian mind is called the Anubian black heart
It promotes the death culture

Anubis was the god of the underworld
If a deceased soul had a black heart
Anubis would feed them to Annit

Your future higher aspect of yourself
Is in a higher dimension
This is your soul matrix

When souls reincarnate they attempt to redirect their energy

If one has a low vibration
They cannot enter a vortex to realms with higher frequencies

Humans are supposed to connect with their higher selves
And manifest unity throughout the cosmos!