The poem of Erra goes
Where is the Mesu Tree
The flesh of the gods
The ornament of the king of the universe

That pure tree whose roots reach deep down
To the bottom of the Underworld
And whose top reaches as high as the sky of Anum

The Mesu Tree is the adornment of celestial orbs
On the north polar axis

The flesh of the gods is plasma
The polar axis consists of clear white plasma
Which in ancient times was of a higher charge and more noticeable

This is why it is called pure
It was referred to as the Holy Ghost or Spirit of God

The king of the universe is Saturn
But later became Mars

Mars was frequently seen in an adversarial relationship
With the ancient sun god Saturn

Mars had a prominent role in the lost northern arrangement of planets
And was associated with eclipse like phenomena

This is depicted with Heracles and Helios
With Heracles or Mars in the cup of Helios or Saturn

It is also depicted in the relationship of Gilgamesh with Huwawa

Huwawa lives in the mountain of cedars
The dwelling place of the gods
And the throne of Ishtar or Venus

A 7 fold splendor surrounds him
Which are the 7 prominent rings of Saturn

The city of Heracles and the city of Gilgamesh both have 7 walls

Mars was the warrior god and the child god on the lap of Isis
Who was abandoned at birth in the rushes of the Nile river

Mars also freed Andromeda from the chaos monster
Apollo vanquishes Python
which was the coiled electrical current around the Axis Mundi

His cosmic thunderbolts were electrical discharges
Pictured as arrows swords spears hammers or as a vajra

Warrior and raging Storm Tide
Lord of the Underworld who has no rival
He wields his weapon and raises his troops

During his marriage to Venus
He donned his crown which was the terrifying glory of heaven or the radiance of Venus

Venus was the 8 rayed star
But with Mars in front had only 4 directional streamers
This was the Holy Cross which the Son of God died upon and was resurrected

Venus was the lovely sacred heart or eye of the sun god Saturn
But when displaced the Eye of Ra became a serpent goddess or witch goddess with disheveled hair

All over the Tartarian world and in nomadic wandering tribes
Who could subsist off the land before the climate was altered
Ceremonies and rituals depicted the arrangement of the heavens

Most noticeably the Panathenaic Procession
Held at the Acropolis of Athena in Athens
Was held in honor of Venus

The Olympic games were established from the inspiration of Mount Olympus
Which is the mountain of the gods
In the sacred enclosure of Kronos who was Saturn

Tartarian plays such as Oedipus Rex depicted the deeds of the gods

And poetic sagas such as the Iliad and the Odyssey
Portrayed the cosmic interactions of these towering planetary bodies!