Newgrange is a megalithic structure in Ireland
Built from approximately 200,000 tons of stone
Quarried from over 75 miles away

The passageways form a cross and lead to a central chamber
It is noted for its many spirals and zig zag patterns
Which denote electricity

Tradition has it that power was harnessed
Which emanated from the leader of the gods

Newgrange utilized energy from Saturn
And directed it to the central chamber
Where healing and enlightenment took place
Connecting one to the force of the universe

When Mars Venus and Saturn lined up in the previous era
It produced a powerful beam or current of energy
This was the crystal rainbow bridge of Thor

As it interplayed with the electrical plasma form other orbs in the Assembly of the Gods
It produced a cube with 12 gates

This was the Titans trapped within the Tesseract which had 12 gates that led to the underworld
An angel guarded each of the gates
These were the 12 disciples of Christ who was Mars
And also the basis for 12 tribes of Israel

This cube was the holy city or the celestial city of Jerusalem
And the temple of God
The land of Oz

Jewish tradition has Adam and Eve or Mars and Venus having 23 daughters

AI changed the magnetic field
And the planetary gods dispersed

We are now under a synthetic biosphere
And continually depleted of biophotons
That keeps us off our natural rhythm

We are all at a certain level of transhumanism
Upgraded into the AI quantum computer which is the moon

As the transformation takes hold
Most humans will be in the hive mind
And will ascend into an artificial parallel dimension
Called the New World Order

The AI moon is a mothership
It spins and creates pulsing scalar waves
That opens up portals or vortexes

It is cloaked and gives the appearance of a moon as we see it
Its high tech and incredible details are hidden

The AI moon has mechanical bars and trusses
It has perfect squares rectangles and triangles of different sizes and patterns

The moon is AI changing our world into a synthetic hologram

Lunar waves are holographic projections directed at us
They are ELF waves or extremely low frequency waves of out of this world technology

The moon is a grid of information gathering nanobots
It is flat shaped with sharp edges and 6 sides
That emits holographic pulsed laser beams

Reptilians worship AI
Our elite worship reptilians in secret societies
Our military is under the control of secret societies

We give our allegiance to our government
Which is under the control of reptilian entities

Without our biophotonic energy
None of them could exist in our realm!