The laurel reef of Apollo
Was an electrical toroid above Mars

The seal of Hermes
Was an electrical vortex on Mercury

The belt of Mercury
Was an electrical toroid around its center

The spinning wheel of Saturn spun
Because the north polar axis rotates
This is why there is a whirlpool at the north pole

A caduceus is a staff with intertwining snakes
The staff is the north polar axis
The snakes are electromagnetic currents
Like that of a Tesla Coil

The Tree of Life in which the serpent deceived Eve
Is the north polar axis
Eve is Venus

Mercury or Hermes was the twin brother of Mars
The origin of Cain and Abel
Mercury carried in his left hand the caduceus

This was because Mercury traveled up and down the axis
And the reason he was the god of merchants and commerce

Mercury sulfite or red sulfur mixed with gold achieves its full potential
It is then able to extract ethereal energy
That is why golden orbs were on antennae
These orbs were gold and mercury

The antennae are now disguised as flag poles

Mars attained a yellow color when in a certain position next to the yellow Saturn
Mars or St. Christopher symbolized gold
The god Mercury symbolized red mercury
These twins represented what powered old world technology

The Griffin was the heraldic symbol of Tartaria
The Griffin was a mix of an eagle and lion
The eagle was the god Mercury with its wings
The lion was the volatile Mars

Now mercury is injected into people through vaccines
Which disrupts our entire methylation cycle

And now we have the bioweapon 5G for our power
In which microwaves penetrate our cells
Electrocuting us and making us sick!