Earth is actually in a place of supreme importance
It is the stationary center of our universe

The complexity and diversity of life
Is a result of intelligent design

The globe lie uproots people from the stable level earth beneath them
And throws us around the sun
A result of accidental events

Since we are supposedly here by an accident
We have no higher purpose
We then become materialistic and selfish

We have become uprooted from our true origins
And given false bearings

Entire realms continents and civilizations past and present
Have been erased from the minds of the masses

Because on a spinning ball there is nowhere for them to exist
And there is nowhere new to discover

This is the new world religion
And scientists are the priests

Antarctica which is the elevated outer rim
Around which we are encompassed
Has been turned into a small ice continent

The North Pole which is the center point of our world
Where all compasses point
Because of the universal electromagnetic drift current there

And has stories of civilizations of advanced giants
Has been turned into an empty desolate wasteland

There is no globe no rotation no orbit no gravity
No big bang and no Darwinian evolution

But the masses walk in lockstep to whatever beliefs
And towards whatever future
Is manufactured for them!