The fascinating role of the human race
Is that we can access higher forms of energy that purify us
And with it we can restore the original blueprint

We are prewired for ascension
To respond to the stellar activations that are happening now

When we are born we receive an astrological imprint
A cosmic magnetic influence upon our consciousness
Which influences us to behave and perceive in a certain way

It is designed to give us the attributes
We need to achieve what we want

We choose when and where we are born

We are connected to the god source
But are out of harmony with it
And out of balance with our true nature

The earth and its many realms is the heart center of the universe
The Jewel of the Cosmos

It is super important to manifest source energy
And expand your light body
Your etheric field

The keys of liberation from the matrix
Is to understand how energy fields work
And how we engage and control our hologram

When we are aware of our infinite nature
And how interconnected we are with all other life forms
We see how special we are

We are supposed to be the gatekeepers of the 3rd dimension
And the guardians of the plethora of earthly life forms

But our consciousness is suppressed
And we are being exploited

And we are killing our animal friends
Who we are supposed to protect

If we continue to disconnect from the source
We will become discarnate beings
Who are not aligned to higher levels

How much light we bring into ourselves
Is where we go!