The yellow brick road starts as a spiral
And takes you to the Crystal City of Oz
A land of light and goodness

All the inhabitants of Oz wore green
Even the Wizard who was the man behind the curtain was green
He was also green the door guard green gate keeper and green carriage driver

And he was Professor Marvel of the crowned heads of Europe
The ruling elite are aware of the energy field and actively manipulate it to their favor

Frank Morgan who played these roles was a member of the aristocracy
The aristocracy act out the leading roles among the masses

Mar means sea
V means attached to
El means Saturn who was the former god of the cosmic plasma sea
The plasma sea was the energy field surrounding Saturn

The Oz workers gave the Scarecrow a new straw body
And fixed up the others
Because they were now in a higher light frequency

When your spirit lights up so does your eye color
Your eyes are windows to your soul

There were 3 horses in Oz pulling carriages
One horse was purple one was red and the other yellow

Saturn was pulled by chariots of horses which were plasma discharges
When an influx of plasma enters our world
The sky becomes red and turns to purple
Which is the purple dawn of creation

The oceans sodium content is magnetically pulled upwards
Then becomes ionized and turns a golden yellow
This is the golden age

The universal world axis turns into the yellow brick road
That led to the City of Oz which was the celestial crystal city of Saturn

The City of Oz was also the heavenly Temple of Solomon in the former age
Sol means Saturn

Dorothy entered the Land of Oz by a frequency change after being hit in the head
She returned by reciting the phrase
There is no place like home 3 times
3 is a magic number for manifestation

The elite want us to look no further than our own back yard
They want to keep us corralled so they can use our energy

Going to Antarctica which surrounds us is forbidden
We are given a phony spinning ball planet concept to keep our minds from exploring

In the original book the ruby slippers were silver
Red shoes are symbolically used by the elite to show abuse is taking place

Judy Garland was tormented by the Hollywood Illuminati for sexual favors
Which made her turn to drugs and alcohol

In order to get a leading role in Hollywood you have to make a compromise
If you are young and attractive you will be taken and imprisoned
And only let out if you willingly consent enough times

You have to knock 3 times on the ceiling if you are ready to submit yourself
Or twice on the pipe if the answer is no!