You are carrying a bubble of energy with you
It is a centripetal force of plasma charge
The more implosive it is the more aware you are

When the torus of charge reaches phase coherence
Then your propagation of consciousness can be used as a remote eye

Your biofield is a self organization of plasma radiance
If you do not have plasma radiating coherently and longitudinally
Then your soul is weak and it is harder for you to steer your timeline

Consciousness is the plasma field that is focused in the brain
But is magnified by the heart

The stellated dodecahedron is your harmonic subshell arranged like a radiating 12 pointed star
Rhombhelium crystals in your pineal gland are activated by your thought and emotional tone

They can switch you into a completely different timeline of existence
And you can bilocate into other realities as you wish

To communicate with positive ETS you need a similar resonance and a high intention
Only the waves of pure intention survive into and beyond the 5D

All waves that do not have the symmetry of perfect sharing
Cannot pass through and will be cancelled out

You get yourself immortal through the heart
The heart builds the coherent longitudinal body called the soul

The precise toroid symmetry of intense alpha theta and delta waves
Produces the beautiful signature of a golden ratio
Which is the life force of internal phase conjugated frequencies

The life force interacts with your blood and becomes an antenna structure
That accesses the collective mind

If you have a soul your DNA is magical
It fuses with the blood and steers the grid

Through phase coherence your soul will become an implosive capacitor
You will share the waves with dolphin and whale songs

You will become like Jesus
Who visualized an equation onto the quantum structure

He then imprinted those fractals into the field
Causing water to turn into wine!