Tesseract is the name for a 4d cube
A tesseract is to a cube as a cube is to a square

In the movie Interstellar
A portal is found near Saturn
It is in the shape of a tesseract which is also a hypercube
The portal has an event horizon where you cannot go back

In the movie Wrinkle in Time
A cube acts as a stargate

In 2001 A Space Odyssey
A black monolith cube can transport you through time

In the book version a monolith signal emitting a very loud frequency
Was detected on Saturns moon Iapetus

The motif in the movie called The Cube
Is where a cube becomes a trap

In the movie Deathtrap
People get stuck in a Rubiks Cube
Prime numbers are the way out

The movie Hellraiser has a magical cube
That transports you into the lower dimensions of hell

In the movie Transformers there is a powerful robotic cosmic cube

The cube is the central part
Of the 6 pointed Star of David or hexagram

The elite believe that by telling what is really happening
It revokes them of their responsibility

By obeying this universal law they escape karma
And the burden switches from the puppet master to the puppet

But the masses are too docile to comprehend their own mental imprisonment!