Against the backdrop of an apocalyptic darkness
That had gripped the world

Mars the ancient Morning Star
Mated with the Evening Star
In her realm of darkness

In Illo Tempore the mythical time of beginnings
Mars was the first star to appear in heaven

He built the ladder in space during the creation event
When heaven and earth were separated

In this archetypal theophany
He assumed the celestial throne as king of the gods

He appeared in front of the sky boat
And his coming forth was responsible for the brightening of Saturn

He was outlined with green and became the green Morning Star
But still retained red and exhibited violet blue

The King of the Cosmos looked like a gilded emerald or a precious turquoise gem
To the Maya he became Quetzalcoatl

Named after the quetzal bird which has an iridescent green color
And an extraordinary deep violet blue

The Olmec placed a green stone in the mouth of the deceased to insure rebirth
The Egyptians placed a green stone on the breast of the deceased to insure resurrection

The King of the Gods then spent 3 or 4 days dwelling among the dead in the Underworld
This is what Jesus is reported to have done following his resurrection

After Lucifer lit up the world that was engulfed in all encompassing darkness
Because his brilliant rays penetrated in all directions
He became a denizen of the Netherworld

When Jesus raised Lazarus
Martha was afraid there would be a stench

Jesus assured her that Lazarus was just sleeping
It was a sleep not unto death

Today the goal of a Kali Mudra
Is a self imposed transcendental unconscious hypnosis

It is a deep sleep or a form of hibernation
That enables the soul to go out and meet God

Jesus was like a Yogi of Lazarus
They were best friends

Jesus brought the soul of Lazarus back from the borderland!