The Rapture is when the upper magnetic field increases
And drift currents appear pulling some people upward

Planets are wandering stars that fell through the axis mundi during past plasma apocalypses
The axis mundi is the beam of energetic plasma at the north celestial pole

Columbia means Column of Ia or Ea pronounced Yah or Yahweh who is Saturn
Kolumbos is Greek for coming from above

The celestial pole is the support of heaven which Hercules who is Mars was seen to hold up
The dance of Kali was Venus invigorated by the electric plasma of the world column
Venus was said to have 7 incarnations or life forms

Project Blue Beam is a staged apocalypse before the real one

As the Source Field energizes our realm
The atmosphere will become electrified

Water being an electric dipole will get sucked up
The air will become a reddish fog

The myth of the god eating his children is when the moons of Saturn drift toward the primary
The Lady of the Lake who is Venus drew upward the sword of ex caliber
The sword of Mars or sword of truth is a sustained plasma discharge

Humans will become plasma possessed
The weaker ones will be overtaken

If you are used to eating meat
You will want to eat other humans
This is the zombie apocalypse

At first it will be hard to kill a zombie
Because everyone will have a lot of energy

After awhile people will be frequency tested
Your heart energy will be measured
Those with less energy will float up

Plasma apparitions will appear in the sky
In the form of dragons and devils

Be spiritually ready
We are in a flux capacitor

You do not want to be raptured
And float upwards!