At the end of the Wizard of Oz
When the Scarecrow got his degree in Thinkology
He said The 2 sides of an isosceles triangle
Is equal to the square root of the remaining side

He thought he was so smart
But in order to know what the remaining side of an isosceles triangle is
You have to know the angle and also figure in the law of cosines
The square root of the remaining side has nothing to do with it

In other words he just thought he was smart
People get degrees all the time and think they are smart but they are not

They are just filled with a bunch of indoctrination and untruths
Everyone is required to take propaganda classes no matter what their major is

Just like the goal of TV is to tune you into a lower frequency

Besides the yellow brick road there was also a red brick road
A red atmosphere is caused by the buildup of oxygen
It is the color of the blood of the gods

The Arc of the Covenant was when the negative and positive columns on the sides of the Axis Mundi ignite
They are the anode and cathode which connect and form an electrical arch
This is gods promise or covenant of a plasma apocalypse

These bipolar columns are the twin peaks in myth
And are the Pillars of Hercules who assumed the burden of Atlas

Under bellied heaven Hercules put forth his hands as a prop
His manliness held up the heavens Starry Halls

Hercules and Atlas are different manifestations of Mars

The Wicked Witch is the dark aspect of Venus
She streaks black smoke in the sky telling Dorothy to surrender

The haunted forest is the former Underworld in the ancient sky
The flying monkeys is Venus’ retinue of lost souls or gremlins
Fly fly fly my pretties

The Wicked Witch is melted by water
Gremlins do not like water either

As plasma hydrogen enters our world
It combines with the oxygen creating a Waterworld

The air is electrified and the atmosphere becomes thick
A flooding of rain results
Venus and her followers are not seen anymore

The powerful upraised arms of Shu holds the sky aloft
Shu says I am the Great Flood

Shu takes possession of the Throne of Ra
Nergal seizes the Throne of Marduk
And Lucifer usurps the Throne of Yahweh

Nergal is the King of the Flood

Samson is enchained between the columns of the temple
And Indra with the strength of a lion unchains the sky

Mars appeared at the onset of the Great Flood
As Noah he built an Ark or Bridge of the Gods
And the world was flooded!