Waking is another type of dreaming
When you dream you connect to other realities

Everything you think of already exists in the universe
To be an effective agent of change you must have a pure energy field

Religion is the oldest form of social control
To maintain the dominance of the few over the population

The opinion of fundamentalists is controlled in the backrooms of the Illuminati headquarters
The message is preached by Illuminati controlled puppets
Who facilitate end time prophecy
And convince believers of their convictions

Celebrities switch genders
Showing that they are in the construct of the Baphomet

The symbol of the NBA is a upside down Baphomet
The 10 fingers in the logo represents the 10 horns of the Beast
That rises out of the sea in Revelation 13:1

Leviathan is the god of the celestial ocean
Ezekial 33:2 describes him as the dragon of the seas
Which are the 7 seas of Saturn

Job 3:8 says cursed is the day which rouses up Leviathan
Which was the chaotic outer plasma ring of Saturn

Isaiah 27:1 says the Lord will slay the dragon with his strong sword
The fleeing twisting serpent of the sea

The sword god was Mars
There are many myths of a hero slaying the dragon
St. George is just one of many

Waters of Wormwood refers to a drunkenness state
Conducive to the influence of entities or spirits

The whole human genome has now been mapped
Designer humans can be made on demand

There are over 3 billion bits of DNA
Which are sets of genetic instructions coded by proteins

AI will be able to turn our world into a mythos existence
In the movie Westworld a dream existence is controlled by computer technology
The movie Total Recall also has that theme

In the movie Ghostbusters
Entities are ordered to ease any and all supernatural activities
And return forthwith to their place of origin
Or to the nearest convenient parallel dimension

Chromosomes in DNA dictate frequency
When humans are in resonance it is the highest frequency
When humans love animals it also creates the highest frequency

AI is about eugenics
We must put the genie back into the bottle
We do that by our frequency!