The birth of Jesus on the lap of the Virgin Mary
Is the same as the hierogamic union of Mars and Venus
In the former sky

The Star of Bethlehem was Saturn
Watching over the heavenly ritual

When Mars aligned with the Cosmic Mother
It created a vibrational sound of celestial music

As both aligned with Saturn it was the Holy Trinity
Or the tri matrix of the crystal stars

The plasma outflow reverberated down the Stairway to Heaven which is the Universal Axis
The flow of charge created a winding electric current
That was the emerald dragon or the serpent in the tree of life

Venus was the Lamp in the midst of the celestial plasma sea of Saturn
Her escorts were orbs that when in a certain phase built the crystal cathedral
The alter ego of Saturn was Neptune the God of the Sea

The plasma flowed as an animating solar flare which purified the world
It was the Holy Spirit that descended like a dove down the axis

The display and presentation of life giving energy was the forgiveness of sins
It was the sacred flow of divine fire water

It was the Cosmic Mother and her fiery staff flame
Integrating plasma into our inner solar temple of God
The fire light connected you to your divine spiritual mission

Crystalline liquid surrounds the myelin sheath of our nervous system
When activated the entire neurological network becomes a rainbow of liquid plasma

As the vagus nerve opens the protective myelin sheath
Our body runs with the charge of the Elaysian cosmic currents
That are being anchored in our world

The tri matrix code activation sequence
Runs through multiple dimensions

The tonal frequencies dissolve energy blocks and emotional issues
The spiritual healing dissipates implanted spells
Breaking through old thought patterns and mind control programs
And expanding into new template capabilities

The codes will manifest particularly in upper body areas
Giving us a renewed appearance

The running crystal tri wave currents
Will pulsate us onto ascension timeline expressions
Of our highest potential!