A No is a dramatic dance and song
El is the ancient Hebrew word for Saturn
Noel is the sudden awakening of Saturn

Ah is a sudden awareness or surprise
Noah is sudden dramatic action of Saturn
That included startling movement and sound

When the ever repeating cyclical year comes
It brings in the Age of Gold

In the preceding epoch when Mars was born in front of Venus
Who was herself in front of Saturn
It was the Son of God shining his pure light
The glory of the new born king

The 3 Magi were originally 12
They were the angels of God or the orbs surrounding the Trinity
There were 3 who were the brightest

The Magi brough gifts of gold frankincense and myrrh
Frankincense and myrrh are sweet smelling resins or saps from trees
The gifts of the Magi were charged plasma from the Tree of Life

The angels bent near the earth which was middle heaven
To touch their harps of gold
The angels were heard on high or up in heaven

Hark the herald angels sing
Herald angels were the messengers of pomp displays of magnificent grandeur or glory
Let earth or middle heaven receive her king

It brought joy to the world
As the resounding joy was repeated

The Great Architect built an ancient splendor with lines of force
And created a noble heavenly palace
Of richly adorned imperial pavilions

This is Indra or Mars approaching Vishnu or Saturn
It was the god of works and arts wishing to expand the heavenly throne

This is the pentagram of Mars in front of the hexagram of Venus
The place of manifestation where the Metatron or House of God with many mansions was built

Envision this into the physics of your reality
Feel the star with its vibration and how it pulsates
Feel the resounding joy

See the golden color shining from on high
See the orbs exchanging gifts of life energy plasma

Implement it into your momentum
Send a new higher wave out into the field structure

Transmit energy fields of mental plasma
That scales through multiple universes

Others will pick up on this energy
They will tune in and match the frequency
And it will manifest into the physical world!