Picture the setting. The world is enshrouded in darkness. A dark purple glow of a god is coming into existence and is seen above in the Northern Sky surrounded by what seems to be swirling clouds. This area of fog forms a Celestial Ocean otherwise known as the Waters of Chaos or the Tao.
Thunderous rumblings are heard and the Word of the God or the Radiant Speech of the Self Made One reverberates throughout the heavens. The Great Chief or Great Spirit has came alive in the Whirlpool of the Sky.
A mass of charged material known as the Spiral of Creation issues forth from Him pushing away the circumambient sea creating a void or expanse between Himself and the Celestial Ocean.
This Creator God then bursts forth in a terrifying splendor of light. His luminous glow also marks a division or separation of light between himself and the darkness of his surrounding sea which is outside the void.
The spiral moves into the sea known as the Face of the Deep and becomes the Serpent of Creation who divides the waters. These waters then become six bands circling this Celestial Creator God. As the seventh ring is materializing the creator who has suddenly come to life in the most amazing and spectacular way then seems to rest.
This is Vishnu the luminous giant recumbent in his infinite ocean. And Amen-Ra sitting in the middle of the great celestial waters resting on the seventh day from the work he has done.
Creation stories around the world are synonymous with the first chapter of Genesis. They tell of a state of darkness while the Wind of God moves upon the Abyss which is the void between Saturn or Poseidon and his sea.
The Hebrew word Tehom translated as deep means a surging mass of water. And Elohim the God of Genesis is the same god that was observed in the heavens in all the other creation accounts. Elohim or El is the same as the Greek Helios which is the Latin god Saturn. El is also the name of the Babylonian god Saturn.
The Serpent of Creation then proceeds to surround the Saturnian orb and becomes the Ouroboros which is the Hebrew Leviathan.
The Bambara of West Africa also believe in the separating or voiding of the waters. They say that during creation words spiraled upwards in succession from the Voice in the Void. In Assyro-Babylonian thought the Originator is Mummu which means formation by an utterance or word. The Dead Sea Scrolls say Yahweh accomplished creation with a word from his mouth. The Egyptian god Thoth carried out creation by the sound of his voice and Amen-Ra is said to evolved himself by words of power called Khu which also means brilliant or glorious light. In Memphis, Egypt the god Ptah actualized creation by an act of speech. Similarly the Hindu Prajapati fulfilled creation with his divine commands or creative words which turned into lights. These words of Prajapati shone like radiant splendors and flowed like sounds.
The thunderous eruptions were not only loud and emitted light they also expelled debris which was known as divine matter. This material that came forth from the primeval god Amen-Ra is what he hid himself in.
In the same accord Elohim in Genesis achieved creation with his instructive words ‘Let there be light’. The words that Elohim spoke is what John the Evangelist referred to when he wrote in Greek: In the beginning was Logos (the Word) and the Word was with God and the Word was God. In Sumerian thought this ‘Word’ was in possession of the creator and means words of wrath. The Maori of New Zealand relate that creation took place at the behest of Io’s words in a noisy and tumultuous event. Hearts were pervaded with fear and terror when I was born in the Abyss says the Egyptian creator god Osiris. That this sound was a thunder like explosion is shown in various Native American myths where thunder is associated with creation. The Thunder god is portrayed as a Thunderbird in many cultures such as the Caribs in the West Indies with their god Sawaku. This god star was also depicted as a Heavenly Bull such as Horus. Others such as the Maidu of California the creator is translatable as a Great Man who was synonymous with thunder. He had upraised arms as the thunderbird had upraised wings. The Aztecs say of their god ‘Like a man I showed myself when I was born. This sun was certainly not the sun we have now.’
Elohim fashioned his creation out of the original chaos just as Saturn organized his cosmos. The words translated as formless and void in Genesis also means chaos. Cosmos meant order. Order out of chaos. A void was created between Saturn and it’s atmospheric envelope. It eventually exploded in nova like fashion that was witnessed as the creation event by our ancestors because of it’s close proximity.
This outburst heralded in a new age. The former age ended when Saturn the former wandering god took his position on the celestial axis.
When the Great God Saturn came to life it was adjusting to it’s new environment. It shone as bright as a thousand suns with terrifying splendor dispelling the darkness. This God Man discharged divine matter emanating fire and smoke in a poleward direction. The outflow took the form of a fiery snake or dragon that spiraled with radiant brilliant light. It is pictured by the Chinese as a dragon coiled around a central orb. This is the identification of the biblical Leviathan where Isiah describes it as the Dragon in the Sea. Apep is the Egyptian dragon that assaulted Amen-Ra the god of the celestial waters.
The outflow from Saturn that became the Spiral of Creation and subsequently the Serpent of Creation are themes that are embedded in the traditions of advanced nations as well as the most primitive tribes around the world.
This outflow was also portrayed as the sun’s chariot being pulled by horses. Solomon’s temple in Jerusalem formerly displayed a chariot with horses on each side of the entrance gate. Frequently the Chariot of Saturn is shown being pulled by snakes. The Latin god Saturn in his chariot is pulled by dragons.
The Voices in the Void culminated in a huge outburst which dispelled the darkness. The Tahitians call the former darkness the Night of Rumia and say when light came into the world there was exuberance and shouting and rejoicing and everyone hugged each other.
The Act of Creation had commenced.