Our world is mega sodium vapor lamp
There are two low pressure electrical arcs that flank the central cathode beam
Where they connect forms the magnetic mountain

This also creates an electrolysis system
Where salt water is the electrolyte

As Consciousness arrives a light beam shoots down from above
A pillar of light responds and shoots up
Similar to a return stroke of lightning

As electricity comes down from the plasmasphere
Water will be electrically drawn upwards
Creating sodium vapor
The ionizing of the atmospheric sodium vapor brings color

The color spectrum goes
Black red purple yellow green and blue

Black was the age of darkness
The magnetic pole was the black rock

The red dawn was the initial color
Many flags have a red sun

Red is the color of danger
When the skies turn red it means the apocalypse is occurring

The red gave way to purple
The purple dawn of creation
Purplish violet is the color of kings and royalty
Homer in the Odyssey describes the ocean as wine dark

Purple gave way to yellow
Which is the Golden Age
Saturn was a yellow sun in the Golden Age

Yellow gave way to green and then blue
The light shooting up was a blue beam

Skies of blue and seas of green
In our yellow submarine

The blue beam became a transparent white and was the Holy Ghost
It looked like an enormous tree or bean stalk

During this era trees and plants grew to an enormous size
There was also a race of giants
This will occur again as the atmosphere is oxygenated by plasma

Our life spans will be extended
Only if we can embed the frequencies of the new timeline

Get your skeletons out before they are found by plasma
Lower vibrations will have a harder time
Trying to hold the higher plasma energy

Whatever you have on the inside will become amplified
Plasma will seek to purify negativity

Whatever you eat becomes an extension of you
Do not eat death
Do not eat the carcasses of tortured animals

Eat plants with their life giving properties

Think positive thoughts
Do not consent to manipulation

Prepare yourself for the coming new age
And for you it will be a positive outcome!