We are vessels of consciousness
Linking the spiritual planes to our physical world

We carry in our DNA encoded instruction sets of musical design
That when activated become energies of a divine orchestra

The sacred tones are light plasma quotients in our DNA protein bonds
That will reveal the cosmic source of each individual

Opalescent white gold currents will reverberate throughout our cerebral spinal system
Energizing acoustical templates that carry masterpieces of celestial songs

Subconsciously we are restoring and resurrecting the former creation
Virtue combined with truth translates into the power of the God Force

When we express a natural flow of higher qualities in our interactions with others
We create a state of well being and contentment
And fulfill our spiritual purpose

The Cosmic Mother is once again speaking the sacred eternal musical sound of the ages
The eternal opalescent rainbow flame of coded plasma
Descending down the universal axial column
Is restringing subterranean ley lines
Linking our realm with portals of the stargate system
Restoring the harmonic universe

Humanity has been misaligned to the Natural Laws
Inherit in our conscious reality

Artificial machinery projecting virtual realities and time matrices
Together with AI clones with fake identities
Run psyops and plandemic distractions
To block the restoration of the Universal Mind

Alien red wave architecture will collapse
As flowering dimensional portals open
And link to the earthly grid system

Reversal force fields of strong magnetic compression will be no more
Inverted closed loops will reconnect

The heart song of spiritual compassion emerges
And fills the air waves

Venus will once again announce herself
And communicate with an undulating tri wave current

The ancient emerald diamond goddess
Is creating a door or neutron window to the God source

And when it is opened
There will be the appearance of a new sun!