Realities are based on the emotion we convey on a daily basis
Emotion is a sonic imprint
It is a vibration of geometry that can be measured in frequencies

When emotion is combined with thought it becomes a unified blueprint
A patterned geometric hologram that creates the magnetic field around us
Which materializes into a live structure

Our consciousness is a spaceship that can shift realities

When connection is established
Your higher self will not allow you to be manipulated
It will sabotage the negative hologram to wake you up from the trance

Consciousness is going to a new level
With a new beginning
There will be a new heaven and a new earth
The 5th dimension

WW3 is a biological cyber war to keep us in the 3D
Your continued focus on it will mutate your consciousness into that resonance
And you will run on that program

When you focus only on making money and not helping others
You get hijacked onto the factory farm
And locked into the archon structure

People are vibrating on a widespread level of consciousness
And project all kinds of frequencies into the structure

You are the creator and you have the codes to shift the timeline
Every pixel in the quantum field is a timeline
You carry vibrations back and forth from one reality to another

When you take actions from the heart
You crystallize that vibration into the quantum structure

Your neurons which operate on electric charge
Will crystallize that vibration into your consciousness

You then reprint another version of yourself
And project others into your reality for the purpose of ascension

When you crystallize and rebuild your molecular structure
You will hold a higher resonance

And you will be making the final moves of the chess game
That shifts you to your ultimate destiny

The reality that we made it to our higher expression already exists
And you just need to hold that higher vibrational sequence!