The earth has consciousness
And oil is its blood

When an oil company quits drilling at a certain location
It will eventually fill back up

Underneath the Hatshepsut Temple in the Hathor Crypt
In Dendera Egypt
There is a baboon person holding 2 blade like objects
And presenting them to a Pharoah

Monkey gods are prevalent in India
They are also in Egypt
And are representative of Mars

When Mars aligned in front of Saturn in the former era
The 2 terminals of the Axis Mundi lighted up

They were seen as wings or outstretched arms or an ark or the 2 peaks of the world mountain
Mars brought energy to Saturns kingdom

In the same way the pyramids brought free energy to this world

Ancient advanced technology of free energy has been covered up
And we have been put on a system of oil for our energy resource

When we are dependent on others for energy
They become our masters

The Egyptian god Thoth is the God of Wisdom
Mars understood how to utilize higher fields of energy

Re summons you into the zenith of the sky as the Jackal
The Governor of the 2 Enneads
And as Horus may He set you as the Morning Star in the Field of Rushes

Mars was the Guardian of knowledge
He was also the feline Sphinx who guarded the pyramids
The pyramids were constructed with secret high knowledge

O Warrior Splendid One Mighty of Arms Perfect One without rival among all the gods
Lion clad in Splendor at whose flaring up in fierce brilliance
The gods hide in secret places

Because of its plasma discharges
Mars looked as if it had a lions mane

Jesus in his appropriation of the attributes of Mars the Son of Saturn or the Son of God
Was described as the Lion of the Tribe of Judah!