At the border of Southern Egypt and Northern Sudan is the land of Nubia
Also formerly known as the Kingdom of Kush

It has hundreds of pyramids and contains the largest concentration of them in the world
Most are under 50 feet tall
And the majority of them are in a ruinous state from being hit by high energy

Nubia was a land of gold
From the local gold mines an enormous quantity of gold was procured
And it was worked into all shapes and forms imaginable

It was a country of wealth and abundance
The land was fruitful and life was really good

7 beautiful statues found there which are approximately 10 feet high
Made of finely carved polished granite have been deemed Black Pharaohs

The Meroitic Temple at Musawwarat es Sufra is surrounded by the Great Enclosure
The Great Enclosure was a vast exquisitely carved colonnade with highly detailed capitals

Also located there is the Lion Temple
The Lion Temple has a multitude of winged lion statues reminiscent of the Sphinx
Underground tunnels have been filled in and blocked at the entrances

Numerous enigmatic and mysterious objects have been found amongst the ruins of Nubia

Nu was the primeval watery chaos that Atum Ra came forth from

I am the god in my rising
I came into existence in Nu
I am Ra who arose in the beginning

In the Book of the Dead it says

Ra comes forth from Nu in triumph
Thou art born from the water
Thou art sprung from Nu

Atum Ra is the creator god arising out of water accompanied by light
This first light is congruent to the light shed by Elohim in the beginning of Genesis

Creation was made possible by the advance of primordial light into the darkness of chaos
Osiris is also the creator and shedder of primordial light

In the Papyrus of Nesi Amsu
Osiris says
I am the great god Nu who gave birth unto himself

The Hindu Creator god Varuna is Lord of the Water

Psalms 148:4 says
Yahweh asks to be praised by the waters above the heavens
The primordial ocean was a sea of plasma

The Hebrew word bara which is translated as created means forced into shape with violence
The Hebrew phrase tohu wa bohu which is translated as without form and void or without form and empty means utter chaos
Which conforms to the chaos that presided as the ruling principle before creation in numerous other cosmologies

The primordial chaos is simply the wreck and ruin of an earlier world

The original unformed matter was accompanied by an expanse of mud called mot
In Genesis Adam was made out of clay which is mud

Adam was Mars
And Eve was Venus who appeared from the rib of Adam

The Axis Mundi is the ancients term for the celestial polar plasma column
Which took the form of spiraling DNA or Stairway to Heaven
It was also called the ribcage or backbone of the Most High

The former world was a technologically advanced place
And the people lived in abundance

They were spiritually connected to the cosmos
Which appeared totally different
Than what it does now!